Killester Parish - Building Hope

As you are aware the parishes in the Archdiocese of Dublin have recently been journeying on the Synodal Pathway. It is now time for the whole diocesan family to travel further by addressing the specific challenges we face as a diocese and parish. The Building Hope Task Force in its Report, proposed a strategy by which we can be renewed for the mission which Christ has entrusted to us all.

The Archbishop is asking Parish Councils and Parish teams to lead their parish in a discussion of the gifts and talents available to them, the education and formation they need for this renewal and the parish partnerships that make most sense in their locality. This parish has set up a Parish Building Hope Leadership Group to arrange a parish gathering, as applied for the Synodal Pathway, for discussion and feedback to reach a broad understanding on proposals for Killester Parish. The date for the gathering will be Monday 13th June at 7:30pm in the Parish Resource Centre.

The Leadership Group will prepare a report using the feedback for review with the Parish Council for submission to the Archdiocese and will also be shared with the wider parish community with further discussions taking place in the autumn and beyond.

Archdiocese of Dublin Statement of Mission

A year after his installation, Archbishop Dermot Farrell, guided by the Building Hope Task Force Report, presents a Statement of Mission for the Dublin Archdiocese. This Statement highlights our core mission in a time of rapid change, setting out a vision for the diocese and providing values to inform our planning for the future.

This is the beginning of our more formal response to the Building Hope Task Force Report which is available here. Having gathered 3,000 consultation responses from people, priests and parishes, the Task Force in its Report sets out a pastoral strategy for the Archdiocese. It is an essential starting point in the process of renewal we must undertake together.

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Killester Parish Profile

Building Hope - Parish Gathering Resources

The Archdiocese of Dublin has provided Building Hope Gathering resources for parishes. Please click HERE to view these resources and for more information about the Building Hope process.